Sileu Rose


Rose-shaped and Silk-Touch technology touch


Sport, Standard and Soft

Medical Silicone

Made with ISO 10993 certified biocompatible medical silicone



Sileu menstrual cups retain up to three times more than a tampon! You can be calm and protected for up to 12 hours.

Save every month

Don’t spend more on pads and tampons!
A Sileu menstrual cup has a shelf life of up to 10 years equivalent to the use of about 3,250 tampons.


It can be used anytime, anywhere, for sleeping, exercising, swimming, traveling, etc.


Sileu is respectful with the environment, since they are reusable products. Zero waste, zero plastics and zero waste, all of our packaging is biodegradable.


Sensitive skin? Dermatitis? Latex allergy? We use only medical grade German silicone that does not cause any allergic reaction.

7 Cup models

You can choose from our 7 different menstrual cup designs


Sileu helps you avoid the bad smell caused by menstrual flow by keeping it apart


Like our Sileu Case and our Sileu Clean and Sileu Clean Plus cleaning accessories.

Cleaning for your glass

Sterilize your menstrual cup anywhere and anytime with our exclusive accessories

Packs Sileu

Sileu Starter

Get started in the world of menstrual cups with this pack. Includes two menstrual cups in sizes S and L so you can choose the most comfortable for you.

Sileu Go

Protect and transport your menstrual cup with our case made of rigid FOAM

Sileu Travel

Comfortably, discreetly and elegantly transport your Sileu Rose menstrual cup and sterilizer in your bag when you go on a trip

Sileu Travel Plus

Get started in the world of menstrual cups with this pack. Includes two menstrual cups in sizes S and L so you can choose the most comfortable for you.


Leandra Adela Muñoz Cano

All very well packed and delivery in 24 hours.
I have already tried to put on the glass and the truth is that it is very comfortable and also the rose shape gives it an elegant touch as well as all the accessories that are precious.
Nor can I comment much since it is my first menstrual cup, but I still highly recommend it if you are a first time because it is very easy to put on and take off.


Yume Hiraoka

It is the first glass I use (on the recommendation of a friend) but I am very very happy with it. I had been thinking about quitting pads / tampons for a long time and couldn’t have made a better decision.

The truth is that it is very comfortable, everything is much more hygienic and, above all, it helps both environmentally and economically.

I totally recommend it, once you get used to using it it is very practical.


Andrea Torralba Bueno

Perfect, I can’t say more. I bought the Rose model, I thought that it would still be difficult for me to adapt as it has happened with other glasses, but no, it opens and comes out perfectly. I cut the tail a little and more than good.


Lucía Chico Núñez

I finally found my ideal glass! After using several glasses of different brands and sizes and having all lost blood, a Sileu consultant recommended the Rose glass.
With this glass I am doing great, I have only had a loss once but I do not lose hope that I did something wrong and I just have to get used to it a little more. The stem at first bothered me a bit but I cut it where the brand recommends and everything perfect since then.


Nina Cova

I researched various brands and this one had the best ratings. My order has arrived in 3 days and everything looks great, thank you very much!
There are too many benefits not to take the opportunity to try it. 😊


Beatriz Rizo García

Super comfortable. Super easy to put on and very well explained in the next manual. In addition, the bag is very discreet to carry in your bag just in case. Great