Living Plastic-Free: How to Menstruate Without Harming the Oceans

Reducing plastic use and environmental campaigns are in vogue. Not using plastic bottles, rejecting plastic bags, saying goodbye to straws and much more are part of the worldwide campaign to leave these polymers behind. However, living plastic-free isn’t as easy as it seems, especially for the 50% of the world’s population that menstruates. We can’t […]

Vaginismus: Causes of Vaginal Narrowing

Many women have heard of erectile dysfunction, which occurs in men when they cannot have an erection. Generally, the causes of impotence are usually psychological and have nothing to do with the man not feeling pleasure. As women, we also suffer from the inability to open ourselves up to penetration (even from a tampon) for […]

A Basic Guide to Birth Control Pills: Myths and Realities

Pastillas anticonceptivas

One of the most popular contraceptives for women around the world is birth control pills. A revolutionary, effective method for preventing pregnancies, it gave women the power to make decisions regarding their sexuality since the 60s. But beyond preventing pregnancy, the birth control pill is a hormonal method with many other uses. It is prescribed […]

The Tilted or Retroverted Uterus: You Can Still Use Menstrual Cups

We know that typically, the female anatomy can vary a bit from woman to woman: larger or smaller breasts, a higher or lower cervix, a shorter or longer vaginal length. However, there is a condition known as the retroverted uterus in which the position of the uterus is abnormal. This doesn’t pose major risks to […]