How to Take Out Your Menstrual Cup Without a Problem

How to put in a menstrual cup is one of the most common questions that women ask us when choosing a cup. The other main question we get asked is: “How do you take out your menstrual cup after using it? Is it easy to do?” Some other things that can cause uncertainty are whether […]

Ways to Fold Your Menstrual Cup: Tips and Tricks

You’re now certain and about to buy your menstrual cup but the last thing you need to think about is to solve the famous question of “How do I put that cup down there?” It even happens that a lot of people get their menstrual cup and upon seeing it say “This is too big […]

Menstruation Taboos: What’s True and What’s False?

Tabúes de la menstruación

Menstruation has been the object and means of segregation towards women throughout history. Despite being a natural process, disgust and shame are always present when talking about it. In the 21st century, menstruation taboos still exist, even in developed societies. The taboo begins with the shame of even mentioning it: many of us use euphemisms […]

Doing Yoga With a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are wonderful: you can train, swim and do all kinds of activities with them. Without a doubt, a favorite of these disciplines in recent times has been yoga. Doing yoga is highly beneficial because it not only trains your body and gives you strength and endurance but also trains your mind and contributes […]

Online Advising for your Menstrual Cup

Menstruation is still a taboo even in the most developed societies, but the menstrual cup is a revolutionary invention that has not only improved intimate hygiene health but has demonstrated the importance of menstrual education. At Sileu, we not only care about providing this education: we take care of advising girls who want to make […]

Transitioning to the Menstrual Cup: We Can Help You Leave Pads and Tampons Behind

Barriers to Switching to the Menstrual Cup The majority of girls turn to sanitary napkins when they begin to menstruate. They’re easy to use and don’t require touching intimate parts. Some may feel more embarrassed using tampons than pads, although for some women this popular item is an ordinary thing. On the other hand, the […]

How to Practice Free Bleeding and Not Lose Your Clothes While Trying

Kiran Ghandi y Free bleeding

Indeed– many of us have been shouting for intimate hygiene products that don’t irritate our genitals and that don’t produce so much waste; and for that, the menstrual cup has arrived. Now, with the use of the cup and the feminine empowerment that has emerged with societal development, it’s not only about health but also […]

Vaginismus: Causes of Vaginal Narrowing

Many women have heard of erectile dysfunction, which occurs in men when they cannot have an erection. Generally, the causes of impotence are usually psychological and have nothing to do with the man not feeling pleasure. As women, we also suffer from the inability to open ourselves up to penetration (even from a tampon) for […]

How Sileu Cup Works

All of us are now concerned about the health and the effect of the environment on our lifestyle. To maintain hygiene and clean lifestyle is the main issue. To keep the hygiene issue in the mind, women now prefer to use menstrual cups instead of sanitary napkins and tampons because it can provide comfort, hygiene […]