Sileu Women’s Wallet – Made of Medical Grade Silicone

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We present the Sileu Women’s Wallet, made of high-quality medical grade silicone and durability, eco-friendly, non-toxic, waterproof and resistant to dust and dirt . It does not acquire unpleasant odours and is very easy and quick to clean with soap and water. With its original and practical design, you can comfortably and compactly carry your cards and bills in the pockets of clothes, in the backpack or in the bag. Perfect for the glove compartment of the car, because our high-quality silicone withstands extreme temperatures from -60° to 250° C without damaging its contents. This property makes it perfect for outdoor sports such as climbing, hiking, biking, running or skating. Extremely pleasant touch, soft and velvety, abrasion resistant and high flexibility . It has a large capacity and is ideal for avoiding scratches and deterioration of bills , credit cards, cards, etc. Does not deform .

  • Available in two colors: Fuchsia and Purple.
  • Size: 19x18x0.2cm.
  • Folded size: 19x9x0.4cm.
  • Minimum capacity of 6 cards and several banknotes.
  • Maximum capacity for 12 cards and 15-20 banknotes.


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