Online Advising for your Menstrual Cup

Menstruation is still a taboo even in the most developed societies, but the menstrual cup is a revolutionary invention that has not only improved intimate hygiene health but has demonstrated the importance of menstrual education.

At Sileu, we not only care about providing this education: we take care of advising girls who want to make the magical change towards the menstrual cup, by using the latest online technology with chatbots, online appointment booking, Whatsapp, and a blog filled with articles and videos that can give you the confidence to quickly learn how to use a menstrual cup.

Studies have already been completed that prove the menstrual cup is very safe, does not allow leaks, and does not cause infections. However, there are still certain barriers such as shyness and fear, which still need to be overcome to leave pads and tampons behind.

Sileucup is the highest-rated and most sold menstrual cup online, and you can check it out by reading our product reviews on Amazon. We’ve received so much feedback from our clients, and this has helped us gather a lot of information and familiarize ourselves with all situations that may arise. We analyze these situations, as well as provide solutions in collaboration with specialized gynecologists when necessary for cases where there are conditions that may or may not be compatible with menstrual cup use. Finally, we resolve any questions or concerns for the safest and most correct way to use the menstrual cups.

Sileu advises you: five ways to answer your questions.

At Sileu, we have one goal: to share information, educate, and give advice through many forms of media about the use of the menstrual cup. In this way, women can look for information, ask for help, seek advice on particular cases, and resolve any worries while making the transition toward the menstrual cup.

online advising for your menstrual cup

  1. Sileu Blog: Sileu’s blog has all kinds of information related to the menstrual cup, quality certification processes, and everything related to menstruation. There you will be able to find the tricks to insert, take out, and clean the menstrual cup, tips to measure your cervix and vaginal length to choose your ideal menstrual cup, and much more.
    This is the place where we write articles to help women and girls understand the world of menstrual cups, feminine hygiene, and menstrual education. It is here where we give power to information supporting female empowerment, leave myths and menstrual taboos behind, and encourage that menstruation to be seen for what it is: a natural process.

videos and online advising for your menstrual cup

2. Videos by Sileu: Sileu’s videos will help you understand everything about menstrual cups much better. These videos and tutorials visually explain how to place your menstrual cup, which cup you should choose according to each case, how to remove the cup, and much more. You can find them on the Sileu Videos page and YouTube.


3. Sileu Chatbot: If you didn’t find what you were sileu chatbot: online advising for your menstrual cuplooking for on the Sileu blog or in the videos, there is always an active chat on the official Sileu page, which allows you to ask all kinds of questions at any time of the day. A Chatbot is a program that simulates a conversation with a person by providing automatic responses to messages or questions asked by the user. In addition, ChatBot is constantly renewing and learning in order to automatically respond to new frequently asked questions, so you won’t have to wait long to resolve your concerns. It is also designed to identify keywords from Sileu Blog articles, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. It appears in the corner at the bottom right of each page on the Sileu website. If for some reason our Chatbot runs out of resources or doesn’t have an answer, a human is notified to take its place and answer your questions promptly. All conversations are recorded to be analyzed and for reprogramming our Chatbot to respond quickly whenever the user needs it.

online advising for your menstrual cup

4. Online and Face-to-Face Appointments with an Advisor: Yes– now you can request an appointment where you will receive personalized advice for any of your concerns or questions about the menstrual cup. Through the Sileu Facebook page, you can select the date and time you are available to receive help from Sileu-qualified personnel.
Additionally, you can make an appointment to personally visit their offices in Cordoba, Spain. There, they will give you all the information you need to encourage you to use the menstrual cup. They are also available to help you by phone.

Whatsapp advising


5. WhatsApp: We provide you with a Whatsapp phone number to make online chat queries through Whatsapp





Receiving so much feedback from our customers has also helped us to understand the needs of the market by developing new products for cleaning (Sileuclean) and carrying the cup (Sileucase).

We encourage you to join the menstrual cup movement. In Sileu, you will always find the relevant help quickly and in a timely manner to solve all your doubts.

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