Menstrual Cup Sileucup Divine

14,99 IVA incluido


Our menstrual cups adapt perfectly while respecting the intimate zone and avoiding leaks. They are manufactured with high-quality medical grade silicone, the safest material that can come into contact with our body, as it will not cause any kind of reaction (such as an allergy or inflammation).

They are more ecological than traditional products, since being reusable, not only saves money but avoids dumping tons of single-use products into the environment.

Our menstrual cups are suitable for all women, from adolescence to maturity, including those who suffer from some type of dermatological allergy to tampons or latex. They are especially recommended for women with a tendency to suffer from vaginal and/or urinary infections since it reduces the possibility and frequency of this type of ailments.

This model Sileu Divine has standard flexibility and is indicated for women who usually have a little difficulty when extracting the menstrual cup since the ball at the end of the stem facilitates the process.

What size do I choose?

Size S: Suitable for women who are under 25 and/or have not given birth.
Size L: Suitable for women who are over 25 and/or have given birth.

Additional information

Talla de la copa

L, S

Flexibility of the cup


Menstrual cup colour

Purple, Red, Transparent


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