Sileu Travel Plus - Copa menstrual Sileu Rose + Estuche in forma de flor 8 cm + Esterilizador eléctrico recargable USB para copas menstruales

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Size S: Women who have not given birth through natural childbirth.
Size L: Women who have given birth through natural childbirth.


The Sileu Rose Sport menstrual cup has a flexibility of 2. It is less flexible than other models, in order to adapt perfectly to the vaginal walls and avoid leaks, especially in those women who exercise frequently and practice sports such as Pilates , yoga, dance, horse riding, etc. It is also recommended for women with a strong and exercised pelvic floor (for example, who practice Kegel exercises) and for athletes and competitive athletes.

The Sileu Rose Standard menstrual cup has a flexibility of 5. This makes it ideal as a starter model or if you are not quite sure which flexibility to choose at the beginning to try. This is our most popular star model and the most frequent choice among women who use our menstrual cups since, due to its design, it is very easy to put on and open correctly.

The Sileu Rose Soft menstrual cup has a flexibility of 9. It is our softest and most flexible menstrual cup and is recommended for women with a weak, poorly exercised and sensitive pelvic floor, such as women who recently gave birth and again they begin to have periods or women who often suffer from vaginal and / or urinary infections such as cystitis.

If you have questions about what size and flexibility would be the most suitable for you, contact us, we are here to help you.


With the Sileu Clean Plus pack you can comfortably and discreetly carry your menstrual cup in your bag or backpack, in your suitcase when you go on a trip or wherever you prefer. If you lower your period when you are not at home, you can discreetly go to the bathroom with total privacy.

All of our menstrual cups are manufactured using ISO 10993 certified German medical grade silicone, as well as our red dye, which is organic and also ISO 10993 certified. The transparent color in our cups does not contain any pigment.

Each menstrual cup comes in a sealed bag to guarantee its total hygiene. This bag is made with PLA, a non-plastic and biodegradable material which contributes to the environment by being #zero plastic and #zero waste.

We include a GOTS certified organic cotton bag as a gift in all our glasses so you can store it when you are not using it.

The case measures 8 cm in diameter and is designed to store the menstrual cup and prevent it from being scratched or damaged by other objects that we carry, it will always be ready to use.


Sileu Clean Plus double action USB rechargeable electric sterilizer: UV rays and ozone. It completely sterilizes the menstrual cup and other small objects in 5 minutes, effectively destroying more than 99% of the microorganisms present.

It can be used on any object you want to sterilize (ozone can oxidize materials such as silver). Ideal for sterilizing menstrual cups, teethers and baby toys, nipples, pacifiers, etc.

The Sileu Clean Plus sterilizer is CE, FCC, PSE and Rosh certified. It has also been tested by two independent laboratories:

– Test carried out in SGS nº GZAFN1803003398P001.
– Test carried out at Laboratorios Echevarne Spain nº P01301961.


The pack includes the menstrual cup of the chosen size and color sealed in a biodegradable PLA bag, a GOTS certified organic cotton bag for storage, a multilanguage instruction manual (Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese ) which includes useful pictures and tips for putting it on and taking it off, a flower-shaped case of 8 cm in diameter in the chosen color, a rechargeable electric sterilizer with USB cable and instructions manual, and a cardboard box.

Additional information

Talla de la copa

L, S

Menstrual cup colour

Red, Transparent

Flexibility of the cup Rose

Soft, Sport, Standard

Case colour

Pink, Red

Sterilizer colour

Blue, Purple, Red


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