Barriers to Switching to the Menstrual Cup

The majority of girls turn to sanitary napkins when they begin to menstruate. They’re easy to use and don’t require touching intimate parts. Some may feel more embarrassed using tampons than pads, although for some women this popular item is an ordinary thing. On the other hand, the menstrual cup is a “new” invention (really, it’s not: it dates from the 1930s), which continues to raise doubt in girls around the world, although many women have already gotten to switch to menstrual cups.

“Motivators” and Barriers to using the Menstrual Cup

Transitioning to Menstrual CupsAccording to a study by the University of Barcelona called “The Revolution of the Menstrual Cup” conducted for women of different ages, there are “motivators” that lead women to use menstrual cups and barriers that keep them from switching to them.

Part of these motivators is the benefits that the menstrual cup brings: 79% of women, according to said study, choose them because they offer greater comfort, while 74% believe it is the healthiest option. Another 63% choose it for being an ecological item.

Another motivator is that they can be used for up to 12 hours and are very durable since you can reuse your menstrual cup during each cycle for up to 10 years. This reduces high monthly expenses on pads and tampons.

On the other hand, according to this study, the first barrier to using the cup that comes up is “How am I going to stick a cup in there?” This is a very common question since many girls are still skeptical about the use of the menstrual cup.

For girls under 29, one of the impediments is being shy about placing something inside your vagina and introducing it into your intimate areas.

Placing the menstrual cup is very simple. For this reason, Sileu has created many tutorials and guides for handling, hygiene, and ways to fold the menstrual cup for easy insertion. Once girls see all of the benefits and that there’s nothing to be afraid of, they can decide to get their first menstrual cup.

In addition, it was determined that in part, women decide not to use the menstrual cup because they prefer not to change their usual method of menstrual hygiene. Most girls start out using pads, followed to a lesser extent by those who use tampons.

Of course, using the menstrual cup requires a small learning curve in which you must learn the tricks to place it effectively, check that it has been left open, and begin the process of adapting yourself to it. Once this stage is over, you’ll leave behind all doubts and fears and become the best ally of your period.

This process is considered to be the second barrier to break, and we can say that up to 90% of women quickly overcome it and begin to love the cup. Compared to other products, there are many benefits and advantages that the menstrual cup offers since it’s very comfortable to use and doesn’t contaminate your body or the environment.

In addition, it can be adapted to any lifestyle: you can play sports, swim or go to the beach, go to work, and even sleep with your menstrual cup intact. All of this is possible without having to suffer from leaks or losses.

So cheer up– don’t be afraid to make the leap towards this wonderful product. Here, we can advise you to select the ideal menstrual cup for you.

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