Ways to Fold Your Menstrual Cup: Tips and Tricks

You’re now certain and about to buy your menstrual cup but the last thing you need to think about is to solve the famous question of “How do I put that cup down there?” It even happens that a lot of people get their menstrual cup and upon seeing it say “This is too big for me.” Don’t worry– we’ve designed a manual with ways to fold the Sileu menstrual cup so that you can insert it without any problems.

Menstrual cups are very safe and comfortable and can be used by all types of women (even virgin girls). Relax, once you overcome the learning curve for inserting your menstrual cup, you’ll love it for sure.

Ways to fold the menstrual cup in three steps:

The typical C-shape

C-fold your menstrual cupThis is the most common and simple way to fold your cup. It consists only of folding the cup from the edge so that it forms a letter C to be inserted in this way. It’s a very easy way to fold and ensure that the cup opens effectively, though perhaps it’s not the most comfortable for those who are new to the world of menstrual cups.

How it works:

  1. Take the cup and flatten it with your thumb and index finger.
  2. Fold it until you see that the edge of the cup forms a letter C.
  3. Hold it firmly by the bottom of the edge; you can now insert your menstrual cup.

The reliable V
V- fold your menstrual cupThis is one of the most effective ways to fold the menstrual cup, especially for first-time girls. It makes placing the cup easier because it forms a slightly more pointed angle that facilitates the process.

In addition, the double fold gives the edge a bit more rigidity so that it doesn’t bend while trying to place it. The V-shape also helps you to open your cup correctly when it is already inside, ensuring that you’ll be leak-free.

How it works:

  • With your index finger, press a part of the edge of the glass and bring it in and down. Most of the edge of the cup will remain inside it.
  • Hold the part of the cup you just folded to keep it this way.
  • A part of the edge of your menstrual cup should be pointed. You can now insert your cup in this form.

As Small as Possible
As small as possibleThis method of bending reduces the diameter of the cup as much as possible until it’s almost like a tampon; however, this is more feasibly done in cups with greater flexibility like our Sileu Bell model. Folding it in this way makes positioning much easier, although you should always check that the cup opens effectively.

How it works:

  1. Flatten the menstrual cup and take one of the tips of the edge.
  2. Begin to compactly roll your menstrual cup until it becomes a small roll.
  3. Gripping it well, you can now insert your menstrual cup.

A practical 7-fold
7-FoldThis is another useful way to bend the menstrual cup, which, similar to the V-shape, makes one of the ends of the edge of your cup more pointed and thus easier to place. Folding it like this, the edge of your cup will form a number 7.

How it works:

  1. Flatten your menstrual cup and fold down one of the corners of the edge, bringing it down to the base of the cup.
  2. Hold it so it stays folded this way
  3. Put in your menstrual cup.

Another tip you should know to place your menstrual cup

After you place your menstrual cup, you should make sure that it stays open to ensure it doesn’t come out and that there is no leakage.

Doing so is very simple: with the cup already inside, run your index finger around the edge. If you do not feel any folds, it means that your cup is open and well placed. Otherwise, try to move it a little while holding the stem so that it opens or takes it out and repeats the placement process.

If it seems easier, you can use some neutral lubricant or moisten it with some water to make the process more bearable.

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