Know our dream

The menstrual cup SileuCup is manufactured by Home Health Europe, a company full of passion and impetus for the creation of a social change and a feminine revolution in the way to understand its menstrual cycle.

Women’s empowerment, control and acceptance over their own body regardless of race, religion, color, age, ethnicity or any other factor is our goal. We dream of a world free of prejudices and taboos about something so natural and simple as the menstruation of each woman, and that this is seen as something clean and good and not as a reason for shame, concealment and even rejection.

We provide a clean, hygienic, economical and sustainable method for all women who wish to use it and thus get rid of the “slavery” that involves the use of traditional methods such as compresses and tampons.

Currently, we are in the world with two big giants to fight:

The first is multinational tampons companies such as J & J or P & G are not interested in women knowing and using menstrual cups because they could lose an industry of billions of dollars. The use of a menstrual cup guarantees that for approximately 10 years, you will not have to acquire any other alternative method for your rule and its cost is amortized in about 2 months, with the consequent saving of money and waste pollutants environment.

The second is that large companies producing menstrual cups, offer them at very high prices and even sometimes disproportionate, which makes them quite expensive to acquire. We want to offer you our menstrual cups at a fair price, perfectly comparable in quality to much more expensive menstrual cups to buy.



We honor sustainability: economic, social and environmental. We value transparency, integrity and trust in all relationships.

The association of menstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) with the use of synthetic tampons has made many women switch to alternatives such as menstrual cups or pure cotton tampons that are available in the market. TSS, a sometimes-fatal infection, characterized by fever, diarrhea, nausea, diffuse erythema, and shock, occurs mostly among women who use high absorbency tampons. The presence of dioxin, a by-product of the chlorine bleaching process, in tampons also negatively affects the health of women.

Asbestos, dioxin or rayon are present in the manufacture of most tampons and sanitary towels and also the possibility of suffering from Toxic Shock Syndrome (SST) by the use of tampons.