How to choose your ideal Sileu Menstrual Cup

On our website you can find different models of menstrual cups, you probably ask, which one will work better? Will this be the ideal for me? Which one should I choose?

Without a doubt, the body of each woman is a world, and it is difficult to establish rules or guidelines that will fit all women alike, but if it is true that there are guidelines that usually give a fairly accurate result to the time to choose the menstrual cup Sileucup ideal for you:

Keep in mind that there are different parameters that differentiate Sileucup menstrual cups from others, such as size, capacity, colour, texture, stem shape, vacuum holes, etc. However, all those factors are more secondary when it comes to an optimal fit of the menstrual cup to your body.

We recommend always taking into account the parameter that is, in our experience, the most fundamental of all: the flexibility of the menstrual cup, which is intimately related to the strength of the pelvic floor of each woman. The flexibility is in the range of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least flexible cup and 10 being the most flexible cup.

Here’s a detailed description of each of the models, find your Sileucup!

  • Sport model has a flexibility of 1 and is especially suitable for women with a well-trained pelvic floor (they frequently practice exercises such as pilates, dance, riding, etc.). The Sport menstrual cup, being less flexible, puts more pressure on the vaginal wall preventing leaking and adjusting perfectly. It only has two vacuum holes, to be more sealed and secure. It is pink, and touch is the hardest but smoothest. The stem is flat, although if it bothers you, you can choose to cut a portion or the whole stem.
  • Soft model has a flexibility of 8, is the softest model we have available at the moment. It is somewhat more difficult to unfold once inserted, but it puts less pressure on the vaginal walls. It has four vacuum holes, so it is easier to break the seal when removing it. This model has been specially designed for women who have weak or sensitive pelvic floor, for example, if you recently gave birth, if you have a tendency to suffer from vaginal diseases or if you do not practice pelvic floor strengthening sports. It is mauve in colour and its touch is very soft, silky and soft.The stem is short and round in shape, it can also be cut if it bothers.
  • Classic model has a flexibility of 5. Its medium firmness (it unfolds relatively easily and exerts a standard pressure on the vaginal walls) makes it ideal for most women. It has four vacuum holes. It is mauve, soft-touch. Its stem is flat and oval, and like the other models, the stem can be cut if desired.
  • Tulip model has a flexibility of 5 like the Classic model, with the difference that its tulip-shaped design and its round appendix makes it easier to place, making it ideal to start using the cup menstrual. Likewise, if it is the first time that you are going to use a menstrual cup and you do not know which to choose, we recommend that you begin by this one. It is mauve in colour, soft touch and its stem is round and hollow (it can also be cut).
  • Valve model has a small valve in the centre of the stem of the cup, which allows emptying the cup easily and conveniently simply by moving the ball towards the valve. When the cup is empty, you just have to put the ball back in place. The menstrual cup Sileu Valve has a flexibility of 2, is transparent colour, smooth touch and only available in size S at the moment.
  • Compact model folds easily and quickly, occupying very little space, so you can carry it in your bag, in the backpack, in the car, in the bag or even in a pocket and comes with a clear plastic box to store it. It is ideal for travelling, for hiking, to the gym, etc. The stem is very similar to that of the Tulip model. It has a flexibility of 9, smooth touch, is transparent in colour and only size S is available at the moment.

All cups include a small meter of capacity on the body of the cup.

Regarding size, if you are under 25 and/or have never had a natural childbirth, the size we recommend is S. If on the contrary, you are over 25 years and/or have had one or more natural births, Your recommended size is L.

In any case, as we said before, each body is a world and these guidelines are general. They usually work well for most women, but you may feel more comfortable with another model or size other than this orientation, so our recommendation is that you try and choose the one that best suits you.

Here you have a summary table about all the characteristics of the cups: