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The average shopping cart is around 20 euros, so you would receive approximately 4 euros per purchase.

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information, and other marketing elements to make the promotion of our hosting products a success.

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You will also receive commissions for your sales, up to 5%!

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the income that you are obtaining, and the statistics per click and purchases that are being made from your website.

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Between affiliate link that we propose or use Direct link, so that your SEO is not affected and the anonymous affiliation.


Menstrual cups for women in different designs, sizes, colors and flexibilities. We also offer alternatives for cleaning or sterilizing the menstrual cup such as Sileuclean Sterilizers and accessories such as Sileucase, to carry your cup in your bag in a discreet and elegant way.

  • We are specialized in tourism in Spanish, which makes both our conversion ratio and our satisfaction index higher. You only have to compare the evaluations of our products on Amazon
  • We offer sales commissions more than the competition, reaching up to 20% of the total amount.
    Our customer service responds in an average time of 2 hours, both before and after the trip. We always look for the customer, not the supplier.
  • Although we do not have thousands of products, we have unique products in the world, the sileu rose menstrual cup, in the shape of a rose, cases to carry your cup discreetly in your bag, travel packs, etc.
  • Why not say so? We were born in Spain and we are creating wealth and employment in our country.

Not at all, it is completely free and has no cost of permanence.

Initially we offer 20% commission for each sale, but we have a commission structure based on the amount of monthly sales, according to which it is possible to reach up to 25% for influencers who achieve the agreed sales goals.

Generally speaking, our average sale is more than € 20, in addition there are many customers who buy several products or who repeat.

We commission all Sileucup models and accessories, that is, the products with which we work directly with local suppliers.

If a client cancels a reservation, claims the payment to the card or there is some type of fraud, we will subtract the commission in the next payment.

Yes, if you wish, you can ask us for discount coupons and we will send you personalized discount codes with your brand.

In our affiliate panel you can see in real time the sales, what products have been sold, from which page the sales came, when the commissions will be paid and much more.

When you send us a visitor, we insert a cookie valid for 60 days, so if the client returns to our website within this time, we will recognize the commission.

Linking to us is very simple, you just have to take the url of any of our products and add the parameter / ref / XXX /, where XXX is your affiliate number. Example, if you are affiliate 50 and want to add a link to the sileu rose menstrual cup, the link would be:, easy, right?

We also offer you the possibility of being able to link directly without having to specify these affiliate codes, this applies only to cases in which the links are from your own domains, but not for links from social networks.

An internal link is much more effective than a link to the home page. We want you to be effective, so you can link to any product on our website directly. For example, if you have a post that talks about practical products to take on a trip, the ideal is to link directly to the Sileu travel pack products. You will see how we achieve a high conversion rate. As experts we will help you increase sales.

It is not allowed to bid on the Sileu brand or any related Keyword in Google Adwords or in any other contextual advertising network.

Since we want 100% of the commission to reach our affiliates, we do not work with intermediaries or affiliate networks.

Advantages and benefits

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Real Time Tracking

With our Affiliate platform you will be able to have instant information on: Control of clicks made, referred links, number of conversions made and all this instantly and accessible from your client area.

Fantastic Commissions

Fantastic commissions for you and attractive offers for your clients. If you recommend our affiliate system to a friend or acquaintance of yours, you will also receive commissions for their sales. When you exceed € 40 in sales, you can request payment in your account, and choose the payment method you prefer, Paypal or Bank transfer.

Promotional material

We provide you with banners, information, and other marketing elements to promote our services and products. Creativity and tools to promote Sileucup products on any web support. Offers and promotions reserved on a wide range of products and services

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