i want know sileu menstrual cups

The Sileu menstrual cup is the future in female intimate hygiene, a revolution in the way women understand their menstruation as something clean and natual. It is an easy-to-use, safe, reusable and environmentally friendly alternative.
The use of the Sileu cup is as simple as folding it, inserting it as a tampon, and forgetting for 12 hours that you are wearing it. It picks up the fluids inside it instead of absorbing them, keeping its interior naturally lubricated and healthy, without causing dryness or leaving traces of fibres. Instead of continually changing it as in traditional methods, simply wash and reuse it. You will never run out of it, as with compresses and tampons. It includes a simple and functional cotton bag to keep it and carry it with you, so always have it on hand if necessary. With the menstrual cup Sileu, you can simply relax and continue your daily routine without problems.

  • It can take up to 12 hours in the interior without worries. To empty it, it is extracted comfortably and safely, without staining or having contact with the flow, empties, cleans and is ready to put it back.
  • The menstrual cup Sileu is amortized in a couple of months. With adequate maintenance, it can last up to 10 years, with the consequent saving of money in sanitary pads and tampons.
    It cleans easily with water and a mild soap. When the cycle is finished, you simply sterilize it by boiling it or using a sterilizing tablet. In our Accessories section you will find everything you need to facilitate proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • All our cups are made of high quality medical grade silicone, of the same type as the material used in operating theaters. They are hypoallergenic 100%, so any woman can use them without risk of allergies.
    It does not alter, dry or scratch the natural vaginal environment, and no bacteria can live on the surface of the cup if it is properly sterilized, thus avoiding remains of fibers, vaginal infections, Shock Toxic Syndrome and diseases such as Candidiasis and cystitis.
  • It is compatible with the use of the IUD and the contraceptive ring.
  • Our silicone is ecological, with the use of the menstrual cup saves a year tons of waste in the form of compresses and tampons containing highly polluting and harmful chemicals such as chlorine, so it helps to maintain the environment.

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The menstrual cup Sileucup follows the strictest protocols of control and quality in its production. The silicone is controlled from the supplier to

 the final product, with a very detailed monitoring in each process to ensure maximum safety and hygiene. Once the cup is made, it is sealed in a sealed plastic bag, inserted in its cotton bag and inserted along with the instruction manual in its corresponding box, so it is not manipulated in any way until it reaches your hands.

The Sileucup menstrual cup have been tested by Intertek to ensure that they are free of toxic or worrying substances, 

passing the SVHC test (REACH), both the silicone used in their Manufacturing as the final product. This double analysis guarantees the maximum quality and safety of the use of our menstrual cups, totally free of any type of substance that is harmful or harmful to the human body.

Why do you only offer size S and size L? Don’t you have it available? We take into account the opinion of our clients after trying our menstrual cups and our experience indicates that usually two sizes are enough to cover the needs of our clients. We firmly believe that the flexibility factor is much more important than size when it comes to guaranteeing an optimal experience of using our menstrual cups, that is why we have focused on this to be able to offer a wide range of different models and flexibilities, each one adapted to the needs and lifestyle of each woman. to size M?