Sileu Rose

Menstrual cups


Amazing wish I knew about it years ago
Cheryl Amazon
I bought this after I read a lots of positive reviews comparing it to the Mooncup, since Im not happy with that one. The Sileu cup is so much better and way cheaper! Im so happy I found this!
Krisztina Amazon
This is my first one so cannot compare to other brands but have been really impressed with both its effectiveness (not leaking) and comfort (you can’t feel it once it’s in). Even ran 10K and it all held together. Great that it’s kinder to the environment and should be very cost effective in the long run. I have annoying periods that can dribble just a little a day so got very frustrated with wasting a whole tampon/towel for just a little bit of blood. No such concerns here. Only slight inconvenience is boiling it to sterilise it but it is a price I am more than happy to pay!

LWB Amazon