How Sileu Cup Works

All of us are now concerned about the health and the effect of the environment on our lifestyle. To maintain hygiene and clean lifestyle is the main issue. To keep the hygiene issue in the mind, women now prefer to use menstrual cups instead of sanitary napkins and tampons because it can provide comfort, hygiene and reliability.

Here we are showing some easy and simple steps to make your experience more comfortable use of Sileu cup.

Step 1:  How to fold it             

You can fold this cup in many ways. According to the first option, you can fold it like U shaped. Press both sides of the cup, and then fold it in half again. It will form a U shape and you can easily use it.

There is another way for the Sileu cup. Place your finger on the rim of the cup and then push it inside. It will take a triangle look. This shape makes it easier to insert in your vagina.


Step 2: How to hold it

Hold the Sileu cup on the folded side and take it between your thumb and forefinger. Keep the curved sides facing outside so that the narrow side is facing to the palm.  But before holding the menstrual cup, don’t forget to wash your hands properly.

Step 3:  How to insert the cup

The first thing you have to do is to find the cervix and appropriate position to insert the cup. To find the position easily, you have to sit comfortably and relax all cervical muscles. Separate the labia and find the opening of the vagina and then place the curved side of the cup horizontally and push it into the vagina not more than half an inch. After inserting the cup top should pop open. Don’t push it further because it may be difficult to remove.

Step 4:  Seal it and rotate properly

After inserting the Sileu cup, rotate it about 45 degrees. Don’t hold the stem but hold the base for rotating the cup. Rotate easily and comfortable so that the cup top open properly.

Step 5:  How to remove

Ii it is placed properly inside the vagina, then it will be removed properly. Hold the stem and pull it outside. Pinch the Sileu cup and continue to pull it out. For removing easily, you should sit comfortably to relax vaginal muscle like you did it during inserting. After removing, empty the cup and wash it with lukewarm water and sterilizer.

When to wash:

You should remove the cup after a maximum of twelve hours. You can detail how to wash cups from the following link:

As per requirement. you need to change the cup twice a day. You should empty it in the morning and in the evening. For the first and second days of the cycle, you need to empty it thrice a day because, at this time, blood flow is high than other time. Emptying in the morning would be wise because in the morning, the cup should be full of fluids and you can pass the day with a fresh Sileu cup.

Keep it clean and ensure hygiene. We can assure you that if you start using cups in the menstrual cycle, you will never go back to another product. So enjoy your monthly and pass it in ease.


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