Menstruation Taboos: What’s True and What’s False?

Tabúes de la menstruación

Menstruation has been the object and means of segregation towards women throughout history. Despite being a natural process, disgust and shame are always present when talking about it. In the 21st century, menstruation taboos still exist, even in developed societies. The taboo begins with the shame of even mentioning it: many of us use euphemisms […]

Uses of Menstruation: What Does Menstrual Blood Contain?

Menstruation is a natural process that happens every month in all women of childbearing age since the beginning of history as we know it. Despite all this, it’s one of the least treated objects of study. It may sound like a basic science question: What does my menstrual blood contain? The truth is that there’s […]

The Key to the Menstrual Cycle and How to Calculate Yours

Conocer tu ciclo menstrual

From approximately more or less 12 years of age, we begin our menstrual cycle. Menstruation marks the beginning of those years of looking out for when it will arrive, why it hasn’t come yet, and the typical “Did I stain myself?” This is how our stage of fertile life begins. This cyclical natural process not […]

A Basic Guide to Birth Control Pills: Myths and Realities

Pastillas anticonceptivas

One of the most popular contraceptives for women around the world is birth control pills. A revolutionary, effective method for preventing pregnancies, it gave women the power to make decisions regarding their sexuality since the 60s. But beyond preventing pregnancy, the birth control pill is a hormonal method with many other uses. It is prescribed […]