These General Conditions of Sale, to which the buyer declares to adhere without restrictions or reservations, apply to all sales made through the Internet site


Fulfillment Warehouse Spain, SL

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And any buyer on the website

It is agreed as follows:



Buyer: Person who wishes to make or make a purchase on the website We also call the person who receives the package, even if it is different from the person who made the purchase.



We ship to anywhere in the world. All purchasers, by the mere fact of buying on the Internet site, certify that they are of legal age and have full legal capacity. In case the buyer is not of legal age, he must ask a person who has authority over him to make the purchase in his place. These General Conditions of Sale can be updated at any time. The General Conditions of Sale applicable to a purchase are those that are in force on the day that the buyer makes its purchase. The General Conditions of Sale are permanently accessible on the website and anyone who wishes can print or save them.



When the buyer makes his purchase, he irrevocably agrees to pay the amount indicated at the time of validating his purchase. This amount includes the price of the purchased item (s), plus, if applicable, the participation in postage and packaging costs.



We dedicate all our efforts so that the buyer can appreciate in the best way the quality of our articles. We detail and insert one or several photographs of each article so that the buyer can get an idea as accurate as possible of each one of them. The buyer is aware that the colors on a computer screen and using a digital photo may be different from the actual color. It will depend on your computer equipment, the quality of your screen, the settings of the same as the brightness at the time of photography, shadows and many other parameters. Therefore, the colors are not contractual. In case the colors should be accurate for the buyer, we advise you to contact us before making your purchase.



Prices are quoted in Euros. For countries other than Spain, prices should be considered, without taxes. VAT can be claimed directly from the buyer by the competent authorities of your province, territory, state and / or country (see 6-). Purchases are invoiced in euros and must be paid in euros only. The prices indicated do not take into account the participation in the costs of shipping and packaging. The price must be paid in full and in a single payment at the time of purchase.



It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify, before the competent authorities, the import possibilities of the products purchased with respect to the right and the regulations of its province, territory, state and / or country of delivery. It is possible that after a purchase made on the website and when the package arrives at its destination, the buyer must pay any taxes, fees, customs duties and / or additional duties (for example: VAT, taxes Local taxes, import duties, state taxes, etc.) to the competent authorities or intermediaries authorized in the province, territory, state and / or country of delivery, whose address is not located in Spain. Such taxes, royalties, customs duties and / or additional duties (eg VAT, local taxes, import duties, state taxes, etc.) linked to the delivery of an item are borne by the buyer and are both with respect to your declaration as to the payment to the competent authorities and bodies of the province, territory, state and / or country of delivery concerned. It is not the responsibility of the company Fulfillment Warehouse Spain S.L the verification and information of applicable taxes, royalties, customs duties and / or additional duties (eg VAT, local taxes, import duties, state taxes, etc.). To know them, the buyer must request information previously to the competent authorities of their province, territory, state and / or country.



The participation in the costs of shipping and packaging is indicated on the website on the day the buyer makes their purchase. The amount is also indicated at the time of validation of the purchase.



Payments online via our payment provider are secure. Due to the requirements of the mail order sale via an e-commerce site and in view of the buyer’s interest in using this mode of payment (speed of processing, fast delivery of the package …), the buyer can pay for their purchases online only And with Bank Card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Visa Electron).



We ship to anywhere in the world. The buyer’s package will be sent to the address you gave us at the time of purchase. The mode of delivery used is that indicated on the website Delivery times are those indicated on the website Delivery times indicated on the website are not dependent on us and for this reason we cannot guarantee them. We cannot accept any responsibility in case of delayed delivery. However, we are committed to persevere in aiding any buyer who does not receive your package within 15 to 30 (fifteen to thirty) business days, depending on the country of destination, from the delivery of the package to the carrier. If, for any reason, we are unable to send a purchase within the deadlines indicated on the website, we will contact the buyer no later than the third business day after your purchase and we will notify you Term of availability. The buyer will then be able to choose whether to accept our offer or want us to fully refund the purchase amount, the participation in the shipping and packaging costs, or if he wishes to choose another item. In case of any problem concerning the delivery of a package the buyer must contact us through the “Contact us” section of the Internet site In case of return of the package, for example, “incomplete address”, “unknown in the indicated address”, “does not live in the indicated address”, “there is no mailbox to that name”, “unidentified mailbox”, ” Unclaimed “,” inaccessible mailbox “,” refused package “, or” address anomaly “that does not permit the distribution of the package, without exhaustive list or for any other reason not attributable to us, will reimburse the Buyer the price of the item (s) less 30% (thirty percent) of the total of its purchase with a minimum of 9 € (nine euros) of return management expense, excluding postage and packaging costs, within Of the thirty days following the receipt of the return. For this reason, we strongly recommend to the buyer to verify that the address he communicates to us is correct and complete.



Although we pay great attention to the selection of our items as well as to their packaging and shipping mode, it is possible that there is anomaly in the receipt or unpacking of the package by the buyer.

Withdrawal period: If an item is not for the complete satisfaction of the buyer, you can return it completely, without forgetting to attach all the documents that appear inside or on the package at the time of delivery, at the latest 14 (fourteen) Natural days after the date of delivery, without having used, fouled, damaged, handled without precaution, in its original packaging, to the following address. We will reimburse the buyer for all of the amounts paid for the purchase of that item, later than fourteen (14) days. The return shipping costs are borne by the buyer:

Fulfillment Warehouse Spain S.L. Calle Los Omeyas 5, Local. 14005 Córdoba.

For obvious reasons of hygiene and health, we cannot accept the return of a Sileu menstrual cup whose packaging has been opened or has been tested. If the reason for the return depends on us (for example: delivery not according to the purchase), we will reimburse the buyer for all the amounts paid and the return costs. If the buyer, at the time of delivery of his purchase, finds that the package is delivered in poor condition by the carrier, we strongly recommend that you notify the same. In this case we will not assume any responsibility. The refund will be made through the same mode of payment that the buyer would have used to pay for their purchase.



In compliance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data communicated at the time of purchase will be used for the clients file, duly registered with the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Personal Data and managed by the company Fulfillment Warehouse Spain SL the purpose of this file is the management of customers and their loyalty, and the sending of commercial information to customers. The personal data of the customer will be used exclusively by the company Fulfillment Warehouse Spain S.L and will not be ceded to third parties. You may exercise your right of access, modification, deletion and opposition by writing to:

Fulfillment Warehouse Spain SL. Calle Los Omeyas 5, Local. 14005 Córdoba, Spain.

All data transmitted to us are treated in full respect of the laws in force in Spain. We assure the total confidentiality of all the nominative data that is transmitted to us. We also inform you that some cookies record certain information that is stored in the memory of your hard disk. Such information serves us essentially to generate statistics of audience of the site. Such cookies do not contain confidential information concerning you.



The transfer of ownership of the articles to the benefit of the buyer does not occur until the full payment of the price by the same, and regardless of the date of delivery. On the contrary, the transfer of risks of loss and deterioration of the articles occurs from the delivery and receipt of the items by the buyer



We are committed to fully satisfy each of our buyers throughout the purchase process on the website We try to give as many details as possible of each item sold on the website, a mandatory step for the buyer to make their purchase. However, we do not assume any responsibility in the event that the non-execution of our obligations was imputable either to the unforeseeable and insurmountable fact of a third party to the contract, or to a case of force majeure (for example: strike, flood, fire …). We also assume no responsibility for the inconvenience or damage inherent in the use of the Internet, especially service interruption, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses …



All elements of the website, whether visual or sound, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademark or patent. They are the exclusive property of the respective owner.



In case one of the clauses of this contract is null and void due to a change in legislation, regulation or a judicial decision, this would not affect the validity and respect of these General Sales Conditions.



These General Conditions of Sale apply to each purchase and for as long as the items sold on the website are online.


17 – TEST

Computerized records kept in our computer systems and/or those of our partners in reasonable conditions of security, will be considered as evidence of communications, purchases and payments made between the parties.



The file of the invoices is made in a reliable and durable medium so that they correspond to a faithful and lasting copy.



All clauses contained in these General Sales Conditions, as well as all the sales transactions to which they relate, are subject to Spanish law. The Spanish courts are the only ones competent to rule on any litigation that may arise between the parties with respect to the execution of these General Sales Conditions.



These General Conditions of Sale as well as the prices are expressly approved and accepted by the buyer who declares and acknowledges to have full knowledge of them. No other contract, whatever it may be, may replace these General Conditions of Sale in any purchase made on the Internet site The same refers to eventual general conditions of purchase of a buyer. The mere fact of making a purchase on the website implies the acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale.