Sileu Starter starter pack: Sileu Menstrual Cup, size S + L, model and color to choose

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Through this starter pack, you can purchase the SileuCup model that best suits you and your needs.

This pack includes a Sileu menstrual cup in size S and another in size L (two menstrual cups in total) in case you are not sure which size to choose, you have both options to try. It is also useful to be able to use size L on days with the highest amount of flow and thus have to change less frequently.

At Sileu, we measure the flexibility of the cups based on a scale of 1 to 10, where a value of 1 is the least flexible cup (stiffer) and a value of 10 is the most flexible cup (softest).


  • Sileu Sport model: The flexibility of this cup is 1, that is, it is a rigid model. This does not mean that this menstrual cup is uncomfortable or hard, but that this flexibility allows it to adapt perfectly to the vaginal walls for those women who practice sports on a daily basis, especially those sports related to strengthening the pelvic floor, such as Pilates , yoga, dance or horse riding. In this way, possible losses or leaks are avoided while doing sports. It is also recommended for female athletes.
  • Sileu Bell model: The flexibility of this cup is 2, that is, it is a rigid model but somewhat less than the Sport cup. The Bell Cup is ideally shaped to fit those women who have a low cervix and / or vaginal length is short (for example, if you suffer from vaginal prolapse). It is also recommended for teenagers and virgin women.
  • Sileu Rose model: The flexibility of this pretty rose shaped glass is 5 (Sileu Rose Standard model), making it our ” all-rounder ” glass and it usually works well for all women who try it. It is very comfortable and soft, with a velvety touch that imitates the petals of roses. In addition, it is the easiest model to learn to put on and take off, since it opens very easily when placing it, making it difficult for there to be any leaks or leaks.
  • Sileu Classic and Sileu Tulip model: Both models have a standard flexibility of 5, making them a good choice as a standard model to start with. They only differ between them in the shape of the stem, the stem of the Classic cup is wide and flat and that of the Tulip cup is cylindrical.
  • Sileu Soft and Sileu Divine model: Both models have a flexibility of 8, which makes them the most flexible (soft) cups available at Sileu. These cups are especially recommended if you have a weak and / or sensitive pelvic floor, as well as if you often suffer from vaginal and / or urinary infections. Keep in mind that, as they are softer cups, they are somewhat more difficult to place, since you have to make sure that they have opened completely once placed, so they are not recommended if your pelvic floor has a good or normal tone ( for example, in the case of healthy young women). Both models differ simply in the stem, the stem of the Soft is short and cylindrical, the stem of the Divine is a solid ball.


All of our menstrual cups are manufactured using ISO 10993 certified German medical grade silicone, as well as our red dye, which is organic and also ISO 10993 certified. The transparent color in our cups does not contain any pigment.

Each menstrual cup comes in a sealed bag to guarantee its total hygiene. This bag is made with PLA, a non-plastic and biodegradable material which contributes to the environment by being #zero plastic and #zero waste.

We include a GOTS certified organic cotton bag as a gift in all our glasses so you can store it when you are not using it.


The pack includes two menstrual cups, one in size S and one in size L, in the chosen color and both individually sealed in a biodegradable PLA bag, a GOTS certified organic cotton bag for storage, a multilanguage instruction manual (Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese) which includes helpful pictures and tips for putting it on and taking it off and a cardboard box.

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