Sileu Clean Plus – Portable USB Rechargeable Electric Sterilizer for Menstrual Cups – UV and Ozone Quartz Lamp

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Sileu Clean Plus electric sterilizer rechargeable by USB of double sterilizing action: UV rays and ozone. Thoroughly sterilize the menstrual cup and other small objects in 5 minutes, effectively destroying more than 99% of the microorganisms present.

It can be used on any small silicone, plastic and/or metal object that you want to sterilize (ozone may oxidize materials such as silver). Ideal for sterilizing menstrual cups, teethers and baby toys, teats, pacifiers, headphones, toothbrush heads, makeup accessories, manicure and pedicure material, nail clippers, razor blades, etc. Keep in mind that, due to the action of ozone, the sterilized products could gradually lose colour.


  • Powerful double action of non-toxic sterilization: This sterilizer is equipped with a UV lamp of high power quartz, equivalent to more than 20 times the intensity of sunlight, and ozone action, so it will sterilize quickly and effectively your utensils with no action of harmful chemical substances.
  • Integrated safety mechanism: The sterilizer will automatically stop working if the lid is opened while sterilizing since UV radiation can cause burns when exposing the skin directly. In this way, safety and protection are maxima against accidents and accidental openings.
  • Compact, small, convenient and easy to transport: Ideal to carry in the backpack, bag, suitcase or in the glove compartment of the car. In this way, you can sterilize at any time and any place your menstrual cup, without the need to use water. It can be used on trips, in a public bath, in the office, camping, on the beach, etc.
  • Simple to use: The sterilizer has a button on the lid, to start sterilizing you simply have to press the button. The device has a microcomputer that automatically controls the sterilization time (5 minutes). After that time, the Sileu Clean Plus sterilizer automatically shuts down, and you can safely open it and extract the content.
  • Rechargeable battery via USB: Each charge of the sterilizer allows between 3 and 5 uses. USB cable included, adapter not included. While it is charging, the button will turn on a steady red light, when it is ready to use, that red light will blink.

The Sileu Clean Plus sterilizer has CE, FCC, PSE and Rosh certifications. It has also been tested by two independent laboratories to ensure its sterilization power:

  • Test carried out in SGS nº GZAFN1803003398P001. The potential sterilizer for Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans was tested. The sterilization rate was greater than 99% for these three organisms, the use of the products after sterilization being totally safe for health.
  • Test carried out in Laboratorios Echevarne Spain nº P01301961. A microbiological control was performed for a pharmaceutical/cosmetic product, European Pharmacopoeia IX Ed. A menstrual cup used normally and washed with water, soap and air dried, then sterilized with the Sileu Clean Plus sterilizer and tested for total aerobes, moulds and yeasts, Gram-negative bacteria tolerant to bile, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida Albicans. A total absence of the microorganisms mentioned was found, and the use of the products after sterilization was totally safe for health.


  • A Sileu Clean Plus sterilizer in the chosen colour.
    USB Cable. Adapter not included.
    Multilanguage instruction manual.


  • This sterilizer is not a toy and should be used with caution. Keep out of the reach of children and pets, as well as plants, aquatic organisms, etc. When it is to be used, deposit on a flat and stable surface, away from the edge.
  • It produces ozone. When open the steriliser, let the remaining ozone dissipate, do not breathe it.
  • UV rays are harmful, can cause burns and other adverse effects if exposed directly to them. The sterilizer has an automatic safety mechanism by which it switches off if the lid is opened while it is in operation or it is attempted to be turned on when it is not screwed, however, it is recommended not to manipulate it or make any improper use while it is in operation.
  • Do not wet or introduce any liquid or wet object inside. It should be cleaned only with a soft cloth.
  • Ozone can oxidize some materials such as silver, in addition, it is possible that some organic and natural dyes such as colourants used in Sileu menstrual cups are faded after frequent sterilization, this loss of colour is completely normal and expected.
  • The sterilizer cannot be used while charging. After being recharged, disconnect it from the USB cable and it is ready to be used between 3 and 5 times.
  • The lid of the sterilizer contains the microcomputer and the quartz lamp so it is fragile, avoiding falls and bumps.

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