Sileu Menstrual Cup Model Tulip

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The menstrual cup is a container of medical silicone which is inserted inside the vagina (like a tampon) during your menstrual cycle, it adapts to the vaginal walls of every woman at all times, without having to worry that it will move. The menstrual flow is collected inside the cup; you can have it inside for up to 12 hours without worrying.

It has unlimited use, since you can insert it or remove it as many times as you like, thus reducing to zero the use of sanitary pads and tampons for 10 years, which is the life of the cup with proper maintenance. When the cycle ends, there is only sterilized with boiling water and even sterilizing tablets used for baby bottles and teats and save it in your bag until the next menstruation.

Our menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone (TPE), taking into account that all women can use them, even those women who may have some sort of allergies, as our menstrual cups are 100% hypoallergenic. During its manufacturing, no chemical additives that may affect a woman’s body have been used. No bacteria can remain on its entirely smooth surface, it does not absorb any liquid so that no changes occur in the natural vaginal environment.

As medical silicone, it does not scratch or dry vaginal walls and leaves no remains of fibers (unlike tampons and pads). With its use, you avoid having to use pads and tampons, highly polluting for the environment, because industrial bleaching chemicals are used to manufacture such products, and also take many years to degrade.


It can be used through your complete cycle.
Gentle to your private parts, it doesn’t scratch or produces dryness, it will not leave a residue such as fibers (as sanity pads and tampons would). It is hypoallergenic, free of chemical additives and harmful chemicals. Suitable for all women.
It significantly helps to save you money, if properly maintained, the cup will last you 10 years and you will not need to buy any more sanitary pads or tampons. When your menstrual cycle is over, you only need to sterilize the cup by boiling it in normal water or using sterilizing pills used to clean baby bottle and teats
Our menstrual cup is a greener alternative: produces no waste nor does it contaminate the environment as it does the use of tampons and sanitary pads.
It fits perfectly to the anatomy of each woman and ensures you 12 hours of protection without having to constantly clean it.

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Purple, Red, Transparent

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