Sileu Menstrual Cup Model Rose

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Our Rose cup has being desing and tried for ourselves, the SileuCup team, so we garantee the best confort on your daily life. One-of-a-kind Sapnish desing that seems like a wonderful red or white flower, that is your choice.

This beautiful menstrual cup has a soft but firm touch like the petal of a flower to guarantee it opens aesily when introducing it so it is fine and delicate to your private area. You have never tried a softest and easily to put in cup!

It is made of surgical silicone, with a harmless dye on the red cup and none on the white one.

It has been tested in independent European laboratories to ensure a safe use. Furthermore REACH test was made and no harmful substance was found.

The capacity was desing larger so it can be inside us during 12 hours without worrying and being sure that the capacity will not be fullfil, even with abundant flow. Once the 12 hours are over you would just need to take it out, clean it up, and put it in again. When your period is finishes, you would need to sterilized your cup and keep it in your cotton bag until next month.

Sileu Rose Cup may last 10 years if care processis made properly. This would help you save an apreciable amount of money not spent on other menstrual methods and reduce your personal pollution rates.

Each menstrual cup comen in a sealed bag to ensure complete hygiene. Your recycled box kit will include your cup (model and size chosen), a cotton bag, a polyglot instructions book and a recycled box.

  • The flexibility of Sileu Rose Menstrual cup is level 3. It adapts perfectly to your vaginal walls As it doesn’t move there is no risk of leaking. We can also offer you our Soft model (flexibility level 8) and our Classic model (flexibility level 5). Our flexibility level is marked from 0 to 10, being the lower the harder, find the best for you!
  • Made 100% of hypoallergenic surgical silicon, which is a biocompatible material and the safest to be touching your body as it won’t cause any damage (not a rush or allergy). It adapts perfectly to the women’s anatomy and gives you 12 hours of protection with no need of monitor constantly.
  • It is the most budget option compering with others disposable methods as its lifetime lasts for 10 years. It would be paid off in less that two months.
  • During its manufacturing proccess brighteners, like chlorine, are not used. Those would produce many dioxins and contribute to water, air and soil pollution and would gather easily to our adipose cells. Thanks to its long lifetime it would help you produce less waste that tampons and sanitary towells.
  • You can use it while your contraceptive ring or IUDs.

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Weight0,05 kg
Talla de la copa

L, S

Flexibility of the cup Rose

Soft, Sport, Standard

Menstrual cup colour

Red, Transparent


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