Sileu Go Pack Menstrual Cup Model Rose + Sileu Case 8 cm

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With the Sileu Passion & Sweet daily pack, you will be able to transport your Sileu Rose menstrual cup in your handbag, in your backpack, in your suitcase when you travel, in the glove compartment of the car in a discreet and elegant way. If you get your period while at work, in a meeting, on the street, in the gym, etc, you can go discreetly to the bathroom with the Sileu case in your hand or in your bag with total privacy and no one would notice it.

The menstrual cup Sileu Rose is designed in Spain using only medical grade silicone. It is available in two sizes:

– Size S: Suitable for women who are under 25 and/or have not given birth.
– Size L: Suitable for women who are over 25 and/or have given birth.

The case measures 8 cm in diameter and is specially designed to store the menstrual cup, this way it will be protected from dust, lint and dirt, as well as protecting from scratches or damage by other objects, it will always be ready to use when needed. It is made of rigid and resistant foam. In addition, it incorporates in its interior a net to place the cup and prevent it from moving or falling when opening the case.

With this practical pack, say goodbye to the troubles when your period comes suddenly. Take your cup always ready with you anytime and anywhere!

Additional information

Talla de la copa

L, S

Menstrual cup colour

Red, Transparent

Accessories color

Passion (Red accessories), Sweet (Pink accessories)

Flexibility of the cup Rose

Soft, Sport, Standard


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